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Meet Doug Burum, Danaher/Skewes & Associates

Business Profile

HGBA member since 2014, current board member



Company Background

Business owner- when and why did you decide to start your own company? 

Employees – how long have you been at your current job, why did you choose your firm? I started in 2015 and chose this firm because the professional team at Danaher/Skewes & Associates has the strength, expertise, partnerships, and local knowledge to help the needs of any individual, family or business. With us, it is personal.

How does your business serve the Haymarket-Gainesville community? We serve the community by providing a great resource in helping to maintain and protect customer’s assets by making sure we are properly insuring what is most important to them. We help each client to fully understand coverage for all their business and personal needs, even if they end up not insuring with us.

How have you been involved with HGBA?I have been with HGBA since 2014, and now I'm a board member.

Business Experiences

Please share one of the greatest moments you’ve experienced in your business. My relationships with my clients create the greatest moments for me. There is no ‘one size fi ts all’ solution in the insurance industry; every client is unique and every plan needs to be customized.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Anywhere the sand is warm and the water is blue.

What are the top business tips & tricks can you offer other business owners & professionals?

  • Treat clients like guests in your home.
  • Think of the long-term value of each client, not just a one-time transaction
  • Know what you do, do what you know.

Working with HGBA

For you, What is the primary benefit of being an HGBA member? Networking and socializing with local businesses, and helping each other grow our businesses.

Just for Fun

If you could have superpower, what would it be, and why? To be able to fly, that way I can change the view at any time.

What is your favorite take-out food? Pizza is the best - you can take it anywhere.

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