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The most effective way you can make a difference in the area, your business and expand your connections is by joining the only association dedicated to the Haymarket and Gainesville community. When you become an HGBA member, you join business owners from a wide variety of disciplines in one strong, committed voice.

As an HGBA member, you are entitled to valuable resources that help you:

1) A Voice for Smart Change in the Haymarket and Gainesville area
You make a difference. As a member, you too can participate and have a voice in how things are done. Through participation and cooperation with the local electorate and other business organizations, HGBA helps to shape the future of this prosperous area. If you have ever thought “What can one person possibly do?” You’ll find out.

2) Stay Informed
Receive first-hand news. Through our newsletters, monthly meeting speakers featuring business, government and non-profit leaders, our calendar listing and community support opportunities, you will be informed and stay informed. Topics include how to grow your business, community activities, the political landscape, and more. The local news starts here. Read our articles and business tips in the magazine Haymarket Lifestyle

3) Stay Connected – Networking
Enjoy networking opportunities without separate membership meeting fees. You reconnect with other members and develop new and lasting relationships at our monthly meetings. HGBA maintains great alliances with the Fauquier Chamber and the Prince William Chamber of Commerce. You will receive invitations to joint mixers often at reduced rates or free to HGBA members. This all contributes to a strong knowledge base and diverse abilities.

4) Program Involvement and Community Outreach
HGBA is committed to the community. There are many opportunities for individuals to contribute their knowledge and expertise on a variety of issues and programs. We highlight a non-profit at meetings so they can share their story. If you have a program to support, HGBA can help. HGBA promotes social responsibility and fostering positive change. Some months HGBA want to highlight a local non-profit and offer time to speak about their program. Non-profit membership, regardless of size is only $30 annually.

5) Business Growth through New Opportunities
Your membership in HGBA helps you elevate your profession. More visibility is the first key to more business. Business comes to members many ways: an engaging conversation, referrals, advertising, marketing, and outreach participation. You get to share your knowledge with the membership, see and be seen. Our monthly member spotlight, door prize sponsors, HGBA App, resource advertising, venue hosts and catering are all great way highlight your business.

6) Marketing and Advertising Opportunities
Our website offers free advertising space for board and committee members, plus free listings with links for area non-profits. Our online member directory, offers the ability to add a customized message along with names, address, web, phone, email and social media links. Have an event that needs a sponsor? We can get the word out. Our Facebook page also offers the members the ability to post their own events.

As a member of the Haymarket Gainesville Business Association, you also receive 10% off all advertising rates with Haymarket Lifestyle magazine   Contact our Advertising Specialist, Rae-Marie Gulan, at raemarie@piedmontpress.com and mention that you’re an HGBA member. Haymarket Lifestyle magazine also draws for one free 1/4 page ad at the HGBA member’s quarterly meeting, so be sure to attend for a chance to win! For any additional questions related to publishing or editorial, please contact the magazine editor at editor@piedmontpress.com.

7) Positive Impact on Your Community
Media is a strong platform to convey your message. HGBA members are encouraged to share news that enlightens, informs and helps to shape the positive news in our area. Positive reporting leads to positive impact. We want to hear from you and we listen. We are an association that works to strengthen the business climate and encourage community service through active communications.

8) Promote HGBA
Add the Haymarket/Gainesville Business Association (HGBA) logo to your website with link back to HGBA. Logo is 200×108 and can be sized down as needed. Right click on logo and select “Save Picture As” to your computer.

9) Northwest Federal Credit Union Membership
Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU) is proud to serve HGBA members and their employees. Get lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and fewer fees. Plus, you’ll have access to 33,000+ free ATMs nationwide, free new auto locating, free personal and business checking, mortgages, business loans, and more. Join today by opening a savings account with $5 or more at www.nwfcu.org. Select “I qualify through my Employer or Organization” then select “Haymarket Gainesville Business Association.” Or, join in person at our Gainesville, Manassas or other branches.

HGBA New Member FAQs

Can I bring a friend to a meeting?

Yes! Non-members may attend two meetings before we ask them to join the HGBA. You should both bring plenty of business cards to every meeting.

How do I renew my membership? 

We send an email two weeks before your year is up. It goes to the email we have on file. You will be able to click on the link in the email and go directly to your profile to renew/update. The email we have on file is the email shown in your public directory profile.

How do I check or update my profile if there is a change during the year?

You can update your online directory information (profile) by clicking on RENEW OR UPDATE YOUR MEMBER PROFILE on the bottom of any HGBA web page.

How do I become a Spotlight? 

Our Member Spotlights are chosen by drawing business cards at each monthly member meeting. Your free spotlight will be featured by a link on our website home page and in our newsletters. The spotlights are up for one month. They make great marketing links for your own business.

How do I get my sponsorship opportunities, help requests or coupons out to the membership? 

Just email info@hgba.biz. Include jpgs, PDFs, web links, emails, phone numbers and any other pertinent information. We will post your news to our calendar, often highlight it in our newsletter (based on timing), and post the details on our website on our COMMUNITY SUPPORT page.

How do I get my event on the HGBA’s Facebook page? 

All current members may post their events on our facebook page. This is a great idea in addition to having your event on our website and in the HGBA newsletter. Make sure you are logged in to Facebook through your own Facebook account.

1. Click the icon on our HGBA.biz home page or go to http://www.facebook.com/HGBizA

2. Click on the Events tab.

3. Click on the + Create Event button. Fill out your information and click the CREAT EVENT button.

Can I have a meeting at my business? 

Yes, we encourage our members to open their doors. Your business will need to accommodate 30-50 people for two hours, offer seating, have an area for speakers, light appetizers and beverages and a welcome table. Your business will receive recognition for at least two months online. Contact events@hgba.biz

How do I become a speaker? 

We offer approximately 30 minutes of presentation and Q&A time to our Key speaker and 10-15 minutes to our Non-Profit speaker. You may hand out any marketing materials, and will receive recognition for two months online. Let us know if you need an audio visual set-up. We will ask for a bio, photo and website. Contact event coordinator at events@hgba.biz and tell them what you would like to share with the HGBA membership.

Do you sell or distribute my profile information? 

No, we do not sell or distribute your information. We also do not use our newsletter list as an advertising vehicle for our members or to supplement a list your business may already have. All members benefit by having their businesses listed on our online directory. This information is automatically posted when you join and is publicly available. If for any reason, you want to be a member but NOT show your profile online, or if you are a current member and do not see your profile online, contact Membership at membership@hgba.biz

Do I pay for individual meetings? 

No, our regular member meetings are free. The cost is included in your annual membership fee. Through our alliances with other associations, HGBA members are usually offered “member” rates for their meetings. We will let you know in advance when the event is advertised. For some specific celebrations, alcoholic beverages may be offered as a cash bar. This is at the discretion of the host and venue.

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